Thirsty Cities In War

Saada and Dhayan (Yemen)

Written By: Giorgio Nembrini
The 2007 and previous  confrontations have created important damage in many villages and in some towns of the governorate. In 2007 the number of displaced people were about 30-40000 people, mostly within the town of Saada, hosted by relatives or in displaced camps, where they were assisted by the ICRC and the YRCS. A new generator and a new submersible pump were delivered to the water board of the town of Saada in order to allow the authorities to cope with increased demand of water.  It was expected that most of  these IDPs would return to their villages by the end of 2008, to resume their daily life. In these two occasional papers we describe briefly the major problems of the water situation of the town of Saada and relatively more in detail those of the small town of Dhayan at the end of 2008 M

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